Wednesday, March 7, 2007

10 days WHAT? Blowing the dust of this blog!

Yeah, yeah..since February was a waste of weight loss month.

I'm back on it and I started on Monday but honestly don't remember what I ate or anything so I'll just start at Tuesday. I've realized my biggest hurdle is going to be finding the time to exercise.

Tuesday March 6th Target = 34 WW points

2 WW Bran/Chocolate chip muffins 4 pts

Peanut Butter Kashi Granola Bar 2 pts

one serving potato and pork chops in mustard sauce WW recipe 5 points
3/4 cup of broccoli ZERO
100 Calorie Snack bag of Oreo Crisps 2 pts

1 mixed fruit cup 2 pts

two servings of pasta with tuna WW recipe with added "point" veggies 9 pts
low fat Whole wheat breadstick 3pts

4 oz of 2% milk 2 pts
4 reduced fat oreo cookies 4 pts

50 oz of water
approx. 1 pt of skim milk in 10 oz of coffee 1pt
1 can Coke Diet Rite

Total for the day
34 points


SJ said...

Hahaha! Must be something in the air...I hadn't updated my diet blog in a while either (I think since Valentines Day!) OOPS!

I updated today though, just like you!

That Chick Over There said...

I've not updated mine as much as my "regular" blog, but I've tried to do better. This reminds me to go update mine today.