Thursday, January 25, 2007

This will be my last post for about 10 days

I'm taking a Vacation Hiatus.

I will not count points.

I will not write anything down.

If I'm lucky I will remember to try and drink 64 oz of water a day.

I'm going to Walt Disney World and it's the first real vacation I've had since my honeymoon over 3years ago, I intend to enjoy myself.

I will be back on 2/6/07 with my food journal starting 2/5/07.

Wed. Jan. 24th

1 4pt WW Banana Chocolate Muffin
1/2 of an orange 1 pt

1/2 of an orange 1 pt
100 calorie Wheat Thins Snack Pack 2pts

Salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, cut up low fat string cheese (1pt), (2 pts) worth of tuna mixed in and(2pts) worth of low fat ranch dressing.

Fat Free vanilla pudding 2pts

Cucumber slices with cottage cheese on top (2pts)

Tiliapia (4pts)
brown rice (2pts)
a whole lotta broccoli

4 reduced fat Chips Ahoy cookies (4pts)

50 oz of water at work
28 oz of water at home
8 oz of skim milk (2pts)

29 pts...I'm missing the mark here.

Tues. Jan 23rd

hmmmmm...seems to me that I forgot to post yesterday....

I did write it down..but on a post it and it seems to have fallen somewhere around my desk and I have no idea now.

I know I ate bad for dinner because I had to take Kyle to Hooters for a treat from his football coach and I ran to shop while he did that and I ate on the fly.

I know that I had my minimum 60 oz of water for the day.

But that's about all I can remember.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Monday. Jan. 22nd

1 4pt Banana Chocolate WW recipe Muffin
1 fruit cup 1 pt

1 cup cottage cheese 2 pts
1 tomato

6 inch turkey/ham subway with cheese no oil 7 pts
1 pt bag of Lite Lays Chips

100 calorie Nutter Butter granola bar 2pts

Chicken with broccoli oriental "chop suey" type concoction
Chicken approx. 3 pts
Marinade approx. 1 pt
Chow Mein noodles - 4 pts

1 large apple 2pts
2 tbsp reduced fat peanut butter -2pts

10 oz of black coffee with 4 packets of equal
2 oz of skim milk 1 pt
50 oz of water at work
20 oz of water at home
1 can regular Diet Rite
8 oz of skim milk after dinner 2 pts

32 pts

Monday, January 22, 2007

Weekend of Jan. 20th & 21st

Bottom line, I was awful.

I ate "from a box", didn't keep track, didn't measure anything and ate out twice.

I had just too much going on preparing to leave town..and was not prepared.

I did drink my water both days, which is good.

::climbing back on the wagon right now::

Friday Jan. 19th

2pt Natural Oven Bagel
1 pt low fat cream cheese
1 pt strawberry jelly

100 calorie Fudge Striped Cookies 2pts
1 cup raw serated cut carrots
1 tomato

3pts whole wheat pasta
1 roma tomato
2 pts mozzarella cheese

2pt banana

4 pts Crunchy Ranch Chicken (WW recipe from my sister)
brocolli, califlower mix
2 pts of long grain rice

100 calorie snack pack of Fudge striped cookies 2pts

10 oz of black coffee with 4 packets of Equal
50 oz of water at work
20 oz of water at home
8 oz of skim milk - 2pts
1 can Cola Diet Rite

Only 23 points....HOW am I supposed to eat 34 in a day....without shoving a ton of "not good for me food" in my mouth? More dairy right?

Friday, January 19, 2007

Thurs. Jan. 18th

1 1/2 cups of generic honey nut cheerios 3 pts
2 oz of skim milk 1 pt

1 large banana - 2pts

Did I mention I had a hell day and didn't eat anything? YEP..

100 calorie snack pack of cheez its - 2 pts

large salad with vinegar and splenda dressing, tomatoes and cucumbers - zero points
4 square slices of take out pizza- who knows??

Vanilla Skinny cow- 2pts

10 oz of black coffee with equal
2 oz of skim milk 1 pt
50 oz of water at work
10 oz of water at home
1 Can Orange Diet Rite

Who knows..even if my pizza was 20 pts I'm still only at 31 for the day.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wed. Jan. 17th

1 1/2 cup of generic honey nut cheerios 3pts
2 oz of skim milk 1/2 pt

100 calorie Nutter Butter granola bar 2pts

mixed salad greens, crinkle raw carrots (less than a cup), tomatoes
1 Tbsp of cheddar cheese (less than a point) but we'll say 1pt for good measure
2 Tbsp of low fat Honey Mustard dressing - 1 pt
2 imitation crab meat sticks - 2pts

1 pt apple

1 1/2 cups of whole wheat spaghetti pasta -6 pts
chopped tomatoes, couple of ICBINB spray
1 Tbsp of Powered Parmesan Cheese - 1pt (I think)
1 slice of garlic bread - 4pts (this feels like such a waste of points but it was soooo good)

100 calorie Fudge Striped cookies- 2 pts
4 oz of Skim milk 1 pt

10 oz of black coffee with 2 oz of skim milk 1/2 pt
50 oz of water at work
20 oz of water at home
1 Can Orange Diet Rite

I'm at 25 pts.

Maybe I'm just not eating enough really.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tues. January 16th

2pt Natural Oven Bagel- Butter Spray
1 pt apple

1/2 cup of cottage cheese 2 pts

medium sized salad
3 pts of chicken breast
1 pt worth of cheddar cheese
2 pts worth of low fat honey mustard dressing
1 pt slice of bread
1 pt fruit cup

100 calorie Nutter Butter Granola bar 2pts

3pts Chicken, black bean, corn salsa (taco insides) from a WW cookbook
poured over 2 pts worth of Lipton Spanish rice (about 1/4 cup)
1 pt "taco cheese"
mixed with romaine lettuce
2 pts of reduced fat tortilla chips crushed up
1 pt sour cream

100 calorie snack pack of Fudge Striped cookies 2pts

10 oz of black coffee
2 oz of skim milk 1 pt
60 oz of water at work
10 oz of water at home
2 cans of orange Diet Rite
2 oz of skim milk (with my cookies) 1 pt

Again...right around 28 pts when my target is to hit 34.

Maybe I should have had more "dinner" or another dairy serving?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Monday Jan. 15th

1 2pt Natural Oven Bagel
2 pt apple

1 string cheese -2pts

6 inch turkey & Ham w/cheese subway (no oil) 7 pts
bag of baked lays 2pts

fruit cup 1 pt
1 tomato

Boca burger -3pts ( I think)
hamburger bun (2pts)
salad with minimal dressing (maybe 2 pts)

Skinny cow Ice Cream -2 pts

1 Diet Rite
50 oz of water
maybe 10-12 oz of black coffee
8 oz of skim milk 2pts

28 I'm still coming in under 34...

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Weekend

Well I'll just say this, I was not a good sport about it this weekend.

I wasn't feeling well, I had very little energy and very little care towards what I put in my mouth.

Friday I did ok.

1 cup generic honey nut cheerios 2 pts
milk 1 pt

fruit cup 1 pt

Skipped lunch- Did I mention I skipped lunch? It was awful.

apple - 1 pt

I had a gyro for a fattening greek place....but I skipped fries. I was just in absolutely no mood to cook..and we were so low on there it is.

Plus 2 Diet Rites
and 60 ounces of water

Sat- I started off better.

A 2 pt Natural Oven Bagel with "I can't believe it's not butter spray".
Banana 2 pts

Can of Progresso soup
handful of oyster crackers

Dinner? Leftover boxed Encore Salisbury Steak, Lipton Tomato pesto noodles and green beans

Small bowl of Rainbow sherbert- ( I said I wasn't good..didn't I? but my throat was KILLING me and I needed something cold.

The killer of the day 40 oz of Gatorade. I just needed to stay hydrated.

Sun- 2pt Natural Oven Bagel with butter spray
1 pt fruit cup

Lunch- 2 small square slices of Freschetta Pizza (since this was all my dear husband was capable of getting together while I died a slow death on the couch)

Dinner- Lettuce, tomato, carrot slices (maybe 1 pt) 2 pts worth of imitation crab meat and 2 pts of honey mustard salad dressing.

2 Diet Rite
Approximately 40 oz of water
2 cups of coffee with probably 4 oz of milk.

NOT good for the weekend..but not as bad as I could have been.

So there's my accountability.

Friday, January 12, 2007


1 cup of generic honey nut cheerios 2pts
4 oz of skim milk 1 pt

apple 1 pt

Subway turkey sandwich no cheese no oil (is that still 5pts)
bag of Lays Light chips 1 pt

100 calorie Oreo Granola bar 2pts

Now when my husband gets sick..all rationality goes out the window. I was prepared to go home from my son's basketball game and make tilapia with rice and veggies. Instead I got asked to run to the store for soup, Gatorade, tissue and more Tylenol Sore Throat. So while shopping through and realizing that it would 8pm before I could eat...I bought lunch meat, cheese and croissants from the bakery.

turkey and cheese on croissant with light mayo (honestly have no idea)
1/2 bag of fattening popcorn (again have no idea)

1 12 oz black coffee with 2 oz skim milk and 4 packets of Equal
1 can Diet Rite
Approx. 66 oz of water

Considering I found out that the NEW WW program allows me 34 points a day plus 35 flex points a week...I think I'm either really close or under 34 for the day.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wednesday Jan. 10th

Now it's been 2 years since I went to a WW meeting and I need to get out my books..but I know a few things by heart and I have a new point slider to help with things with labels.


1 cup generic honey nut cheerios - 2 pts
4 oz skim milk- 2 pts (I think) I really need to get my books out.

100 calorie Nutter Butter Granola Bar - 2 pts

Chicken Breast Salad made at a Salad Bar type place

cut up Chicken breast approx. 2 pts maybe 3

lettuce zero
All my toppings were 1/4 to 1/2 cup servings

tomatoes (are these still zero?)
cucumbers zero
red pepper ??
black olives (tablespoon maybe) 1pt?
cheddar cheese (tablespoon maybe) 1pt?

low fat ranch dressing 2 tablespoons 1 or 2pts?

1/2 wheat pita 2 pts?

Dinner (this is bad but we're trying to get rid of all of our BAD or what I call Boxed Food)

1 Salisbury Steak Patty - 5 pts (how shit...and I was hungry when dinner was over)
1/4 cup of Lipton Tomato Pesto Noodles 3 pts
green beans zero
1 Pillsbury biscuit 3 pts

1 fruit cup 1 pt

Daily Fluid Intake
1 can Diet Rite -zero
60 ounces of water

So that's 27 pts and I was starving. I think I get 31 pts but I'm again not sure.

Either way...I'm getting better...and planning meals in my head for future reference.

This weekend I'm going to be baking WW muffins at home but at least I started it.

I did the journal for Wed.

In the Beginning---God created Woman

Woman spent the rest of her life fighting to stay thin...

Myself included.

My Mom often tells the story of how I was 32 inches and 32 lbs by my 1st b-day...mostly because as a young Mother of 18 and 9 states away from home she couldn't figure out how to get me to sleep through the night so she started putting rice cereal in my bottle at 4 weeks.

To this day I fight the battle with food.

I haven't exactly gotten the whole package together yet.

I need exercise, better food intake, smaller portions, food journal and excessive water intake to see any type of results in my body.

In 2002-2003 I lost 45 lbs for my wedding. I kept it off a while..and then since 2004 and my pregnancy I've let it go. I've kept all the baby weight and then some.

2007 my goal is to lose 80-100 lbs.

My first small goal is 25 lbs by June 1st for my son's 8th grade graduation.

If I can do that...I can lose 50 by the holidays.

Anyway, every Wednesday with the other group of ladies doing Weight Loss Wednesdays I intend to post my weight loss.

However, daily I will update this journal as my "food and activity journal".

Wish me luck....