Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tues. March 20th

all bran chocolate chip muffin 3pts

apple 1 pt

6 inch subway ham with cheese 7pts
bag of light lays chips 1 pt

Slimfast peanut butter crunch bar 3pts

6 inch subway turkey with cheese 7pts

100 calorie choc/chocolate hostess cupcakes 1pt
large glass of 2% milk 4pts

60 ounces of water at work
1 pint at home

Total points is 25 and is incredibly low but believe me I went over on Monday and I used a great deal of my flex points over the weekend when I realized a medium Dairy queen blizzard is 18 pts.

18 PTS people...that's crazy.

I'd rather have 2 Dilly Bars for 11pts
I'd rather have a medium chocolate sundae for 6

There are so many other ways to spend my points better at Dairy Queen, which is my biggest downfall in the summer. It's a nice family outing for us and I can't go and NOT get something...but now I know better.

So even though my points were low yesterday over Monday and Tuesday they balanced out.

Wednesday starts a new week with my flex points.

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